Thursday, June 29, 2006

Final Assignment: Phase 1


Topic: Volcano
Contents: Volcano's Formation, types and effects
Concept: a single screen learning object with animations and interactions
Tools: Flash, Firework and Dreamwaver
Details: To be designed in the next phase

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Reflection: Session 4

In the session 4 of this module, I learned what learning object is and the classification of them. On the class, I experienced a lot of wonderful examples of learning objects. I hope I will be able to produce useful learning objects in the future.

The following is a simple learning object to make people think about what impacts the raindrop shape.

Information Source:

Now, do you easily know what impacts the raindrop shape?

About learning object, in HK schools, presentation objects are mostly found. In fact, the information and knowledge in these presentation objects can be delievered as other forms of learning object to enhance learning effectiveness. However, due to the limitation of resources, effective learning objects are seldom produced.

From, Daniel's definition of learning object shows the value of learning object, so I think it is worthwhile to produce them. Similar point of view is also found from the last paragraph of my previous post "Reflection: Session 2".

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Reflection: Session 3

In the session 3 of this module, I learned that Digital Storytelling is one of the effective ways of expression. Through the examples and practices, I learned how to make a digital story. It is my first time to use PhotoStory and I find it is very user-friendly. I like this session bacause the activity gave me a funny experience.

The digital story I made:

Click the "Play" button to start.

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P.S. : A refreshing update of the task of session 2 have been made.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Reflection: Session 2

In the session 2 of this module, I find the "Giant Squid" activity interesting and from which I learned that the effectiveness of interactive visual representations can be reinforced through associating interactive visual representations with some well-planned tasks and key questions.

Also, I have completed my task in order to try to deliever information and knowledge in an effective way.

Click here to enlarge

After completing the task, I realize that it is quite time-consuming in producing interactive visual representations because I need time to familiar myself with the subject matters, to analysis the information, to plan and design, and to implement.

In HK schools, there are insufficient resources (money) to find skillful (good IT skills and learning design theories) subject experts for each subject to dedicate to producing interactive visual representations. Nevertheless, I still think it is worthwhile to do because it actually helps learning and it is just a difficult starting if the interactive visual representations are reusable and affordable in different educational contexts. It is exactly a part of the concept of learning object defined by Daniel (

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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Reflection: Session 1

In the first class of this module, I learned the better use of interactive visual representations can enhance communication and learning. Thus, I hope I will learn the details in future in this module.

I think interactive visual representations are important for education because learners can easily learn complex ideas through learning with interactive visual representations.

My Introduction:

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