Friday, August 18, 2006

Final Assignment: Final Product

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1. Basic Description
- Topic: Volcano
- Subject: Geography
- Learner: Secondary School Students
- Contents: Volcano's types, formation, structure and effects

2. Characteristics
- Easy to use (less operation steps and guide provided)
- Less learners' cognitive loads (less text and memorization)
- Easy to experience the knowledge (impressive simulation via animation)
- More learners' control (free learning paces via student-centered interaction)
- Easy to locate key points (highlighted key points in key questions as tasks)
- Potential to further learning (references provided and discussion encouraged)
- Flexible to arrange learning activity (wide support of both teacher-centered/student-centered, behaviorist/constructivist, group/individual, online/classroom activities)

3. How it works
- Step 1: Select different lava type to learn related volcano type formation
- Step 2: Click buttons appeared after formation to learn structure and effects of volcano type formed
- Step 3: Click 'tasks' and 'references' to reinforce learning and do further learning
- At any steps, learners are free to view 'user guide', 'tasks' and 'references' according to their needs.

4. Suggested Learning Activity
- Learning Outcome: Learners will be able to identify, analyze and comment on volcano activities occured
- Learning Mode: Student-centered, constructivist, group and online
- Student's Role: active self discovery learner who shares and interacts with others.
- Teacher's Role: supportive senior mentor who helps students learning.
- Phase 1 (1 lesson): Teacher will put the learning object on the blog, and then will do grouping and introduction on the class.
- Phase 2 (2 weeks): Students will learn with the learning object online and do group discussion. Then, they will post their group reflections and comment others' reflections on the blog. Teacher will also give comments on the blog.
- Phase 3 (1 lesson): Teacher will make conclusion and assessment.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Final Assignment: Phase 4


My work

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Friday, July 21, 2006

Final Assignment: Phase 3

Work In Progress


Friday, July 07, 2006

Final Assignment: Phase 2



It is my first time to draw storyboard. I find it is difficult to present complex interactive events in the storyboard. Any suggestion for my work?

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Final Assignment: Phase 1


Topic: Volcano
Contents: Volcano's Formation, types and effects
Concept: a single screen learning object with animations and interactions
Tools: Flash, Firework and Dreamwaver
Details: To be designed in the next phase

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Reflection: Session 4

In the session 4 of this module, I learned what learning object is and the classification of them. On the class, I experienced a lot of wonderful examples of learning objects. I hope I will be able to produce useful learning objects in the future.

The following is a simple learning object to make people think about what impacts the raindrop shape.

Information Source:

Now, do you easily know what impacts the raindrop shape?

About learning object, in HK schools, presentation objects are mostly found. In fact, the information and knowledge in these presentation objects can be delievered as other forms of learning object to enhance learning effectiveness. However, due to the limitation of resources, effective learning objects are seldom produced.

From, Daniel's definition of learning object shows the value of learning object, so I think it is worthwhile to produce them. Similar point of view is also found from the last paragraph of my previous post "Reflection: Session 2".

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Reflection: Session 3

In the session 3 of this module, I learned that Digital Storytelling is one of the effective ways of expression. Through the examples and practices, I learned how to make a digital story. It is my first time to use PhotoStory and I find it is very user-friendly. I like this session bacause the activity gave me a funny experience.

The digital story I made:

Click the "Play" button to start.

Images Source:

P.S. : A refreshing update of the task of session 2 have been made.