Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Reflection: Session 3

In the session 3 of this module, I learned that Digital Storytelling is one of the effective ways of expression. Through the examples and practices, I learned how to make a digital story. It is my first time to use PhotoStory and I find it is very user-friendly. I like this session bacause the activity gave me a funny experience.

The digital story I made:

Click the "Play" button to start.

Images Source:

P.S. : A refreshing update of the task of session 2 have been made.


  • At 6/14/2006 2:35 AM, Blogger Peon Cheung said…

    Nice topic, nice pictures, nice background music.

  • At 6/14/2006 8:54 PM, Blogger Beryl said…

    It is a very good idea to put the control panel for the video player here so that viewer can start the play themselves. How can you do this?


  • At 6/15/2006 9:10 PM, Blogger Keith Ma said…

    Dear all,
    Thanks for your appreciations.
    To display this wmv file, I use the html tag "embed" with parameters autostart="false" and showcontrols="true"

  • At 6/15/2006 11:35 PM, Blogger Susanna said…

    I love your story also!
    For me, HTML is a kind of "Magic Words" that are difficult to understand but are powerful.
    I think I have to spend some time on HTML...^-^

  • At 6/16/2006 12:03 PM, Blogger Chris said…

    The screen disappeared!

  • At 6/16/2006 4:09 PM, Blogger Chris said…

    I know why the screen disappeared. To view the embedded effect, we need to allow the browser to run the Active X control. But I blocked it in my previous attempts.

  • At 6/17/2006 1:36 PM, Blogger Christina MLIM said…

    Good story to promote Chinese traditional to foreigner, it is better than "Jacky Chan". Suggest it to TDC!!!!

  • At 6/21/2006 2:41 AM, Blogger Maximilian Wat said…

    How long did you plan for this visual? 'What is your way of planning and making of your work?

    Your work is well planned. I really want to learn from you!

  • At 6/23/2006 2:34 PM, Blogger Keith Ma said…

    In fact, I do nothing special but I really use more time on planning and relatively less time on implementation.


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